RYLA Objectives


  • Encourages and assists youth leaders and potential leaders in methods of responsible and effective leadership.
  • Encourages continued and stronger leadership of youth by youth.
  • Publicly recognizes the outstanding qualities of many young people who render service to their schools and communities as leaders.

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Young RYLA


  • A leadership training program sponsored by Rotary International that promotes, encourages and rewards outstanding young people.
  • An all-expenses paid five-day conference that brings together a special group of boys and girls from Northern Colorado, Wyoming and Western Nebraska to share ideas about becoming better leaders.
  • An action-packed program of activities that help build confidence and leadership skills (like problem solving games, challenge course, zip line, skits, group discussions and team-building activities)
    An adventure that might change your life!






RYLA provides foundational leadership skills for teenagers. It is said that leadership cannot be taught, but it must be learned. RYLA provides opportunities to learn leadership skills through experiential activities, incredible speakers, small group discussions, large group presentations, and in building life-long friendships.



A Focus on your abilities, not your disability!

Be the Leader and Teammate you can be!

RYLA Plus is a FREE Leadership and teamwork development program for high school students with physical disabilities, held at Easter Seals’ Colorado Rocky Mountain Village located in Empire, CO).

Apply before March 30, 2020, to be one of the fortunate 16 participants: RYLA Plus Application