Rocky Mountain RYLA 2021

Virtual Conference - Parent/Legal Guardian Agreement Form

Acceptance of each of the following is required by the parent or legal guardian of each prospective RYLA 2021 participant. If you are unable to agree with each of the following provisions, your son/daughter/ward will not be permitted to participate in the conference.

Adherence to Rotary and RYLA Rules

I understand and agree that in the event my son/daughter/ward breaches any Rotary or RYLA rules, they may be immediately disconnected from the conference.

Permission to Use Participant Image

I allow Rotary and RYLA the full non-commercial use of any screen-shots containing my son/daughter/ward taken during the virtual conference.

RYLA Staff - Duty To Report

RYLA counselors and staff make every effort to maintain confidentiality. However, if your son/daughter/ward discloses an unsafe situation or the possibility of harm to themselves or others in the presence of any RYLA counselor or staff member, we may be required to report this to proper authorities. By agreeing to this, you acknowledge both the receipt of this notice and the responsibilities of Rocky Mountain RYLA, Inc. and its counselors and staff, as may be required by law and/or Rotary International policies.

Waiver of Negligence

I waive any claims for negligence against the Rotary Districts and Rotary Clubs.