Virtual RYLA 2021 will be held on Saturday, July 24th.

The deadline to apply is June 30th.

Contact Information

The RYLA On-Line Conference will be conducted via Zoom. As such, your participation will require following:

  • High-Speed internet service
  • A computer with a webcam and microphone
  • Speakers or a headset

Additional Information

Additional Information

Parent/Legal Guardian Information

Parent/Legal Guardian approval is required to participate in Virtual RYLA. Please provide Parent/Legal Guardian contact information below. Your Parent/Legal Guardian will need to complete a separate Parent/Guardian Agreement Form. A link to the form will be sent to your parent/legal guardian via email.

RYLA Rules and Regulations

By submitting this application, I agree to the following rules and regulations:

Expected Behavior:

  • Respect for privacy, needs and personality of others.
  • Respect to Counselors, Staff and RYLA guests
  • Respect for schedule - be on time!

Zoom Etiquette:

  • Wear professional clothing
  • Make sure others can see your face
  • Keep yourself on mute when not speaking
  • Avoid multitasking (you won't want to miss anything)!

Unacceptable Behavior:

Lying or profanity

I understand and agree the decision of the Staff, Counselors and Junior Counselors regarding any infraction and/or a disconnection shall be final.

By submitting my application confirm I understand and will abide by the rules above.